Solace for she and for child care initiatives as a non governmental organisations (NGO) came into existence on the 13th of May 2015. With aim of 'Improving the general well being of women and children' through Promoting and undertaking social and economic welfare programs in the areas of Health, Education, Counselling, Poverty alleviation and other related activities. SOLACE was born out of passionate for issues that concerns women and children. We have been working, offering services on social media platform and have begun physical activities in Lagos State.
Organization's main Objectives To promote and undertake social and economic welfare programs in the areas of health, education, distribution of items to different target groups, mobilize self help schemes, and other related activities. To create forum for women to share their fears, hopes and future plans. Strengthen women awareness of their potential power to control their lives. Activities and / or programs; Health promotions, Advocacies, Campaigns against Gender Based Violence, Counselling Girl child

Education promotion, Skill acquisition, Trainings, Sanitary boost campaign. Organisations' key programme areas; Health, Poverty alleviation, Gender equality Education, Capacity building, Community Development Organization's present activities and /or programs.
Solace for she and child initiative facebook page was created with over 2,000 likes, the page is a channel of communication for women to ask questions on issues facing their everyday living. Answers, counselling and followup activities are provided and referrals made to appropriate channel on cases we cannot handle. We receive cases of teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, maternal and child health, family planning, depression etc.