Solace for She and Child Care Initiative is an NGO working in rural communities in Nigeria. We carry out Sanitary Boost Awareness Campaign in schools and health centres targeting poor girls 10-15years, pregnant women and nursing mothers. This initiative was prompted by an experience of meeting a young girl picking pieces of rags from a local tailor shop with intent of using as sanitary pad. The aim of this campaign is to reduce women reproductive problems through hygiene, by training on basic sanitary hygiene and providing pads to rural poor girls, pregnant women and nursing mothers that cannot afford. We target distributing 50,000 sanitary pads/towels to girls in secondary schools for hygienic menstrual life, 50,000 sanitary pads to pregnant women for post-partum bleeding hygiene and 50,000 pieces of pampers to nursing mothers for babies hygienic sanitary start. We share other available sanitary boost items like soaps, disinfectants, detergents etc.
This is a continuous campaign.
Please support us with sanitary items or cash.
Bank: Zenith Bank
Acc Name: Solace For She And Child Care Initiative
Acc No: 1014934363